Bio-Fuels are one of several alternative fuels designed to extend the usefulness of petroleum, and the longevity and cleanliness of engines. The smartest technologies deliver benefits to multiple interests, including improved economy, and a positive impact on the environment and governmental policies. With lower exhaust emissions Bio-Fuels is helping to reduce pollution and improve health. Lower CO2 emissions help reduce the impacts of global warming. No vehicle modifications or special fueling equipment — just pump and go. One of the great advantages of Bio-Fuels is that it can be used in existing engines, vehicles and infrastructure with practically no changes. Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas reduced with Bio-Fuels by 48%. Compounds which contribute to localized formation of smog reduced with Bio-Fuels by 67%. The National Fire Protection Association classifies Bio-Fuels as a non-flammable liquid. Bio-Fuels is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing alternative fuels in the world due to its clean emissions profile, ease of use, and many other benefits. Bio-Fuels can actually extend the life of your engine. Bio-Fuels have superior lubricating properties that reduce the wear of vital engine parts.